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November 1, 2017
Contact: John Montandon
Rockford Brownstone Publishing
E-mail: jmontandon@rockfordbrownstone.com
Web: www.byhisownblood.com
John Montandon's award winning book, By His Own Blood, is now free to magazines as a short story.

AUSTIN, TX / November 1, 2017 - John Montandon has taken another giant step forward in spreading the word about his recently published book, By His Own Blood. The author of this 2012 International Book Awards winner for best Non Fiction Narrative is making available to a selected list of magazines the By His Own Blood book as a short story or article at no charge. Sales of the author's book are continuing to increase and it has received excellent reviews from critics, authors, editors, readers, academics, and reviewers alike. The purpose of offering excerpts of the book in a condensed version is to the spread the word so that more readers will be exposed to this emotionally charged memoir based on a true story.

By His Own Blood begins as a story of growing up in the sparsely settled Rolling Plains of West Texas in the 50s and 60s on a small cotton farm. And it peaks with Montandon's father's horrific death and the author's search for answers and healing. In the book, the writer's father, Doc Montandon, was given a blood transfusion tainted with the HIV virus during unnecessary surgery and was refused treatment after having developed AIDS. To make matters worse, the ordeal was covered up and medical assistance to care for his father was almost impossible to obtain as it was at a time of the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. Doc, a retired Texas cotton farmer, suffered terribly and died not knowing why or how he was infected.

The condensed version of By His Own Blood can be accessed for reading by visiting the web site at www.byhisownblood.com/story. Editors and those who select feature articles for their magazines or other relevant publications are encouraged to contact the author at the phone number or email address listed below if there is an interest in using the free story.

John Montandon's book, By His Own Blood, is available for purchase in both printed and digital formats at CreateSpace.com, Amazon.com, Books.Google.com, and soon as an iBook for the iPad and iPhone at Store.Apple.com/iPad.

Rockford Brownstone Publishing is located in Austin, Texas, and is dedicated to developing and promoting self-published books. To contact Rockford Brownstone Publishing, send email to jmontandon@rockfordbrownstone.com, or visit the web site at www.byhisownblood.com. By His Own Blood is available at www.byhisownblood.com/offer in printed and Kindle formats.

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