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In the spring of 1983, John Montandon mailed his parents a cassette tape recorder and three blank tapes. He asked them to take time, just whenever they felt like it, to make a few recordings, talking about their background, childhood, young adulthood, their marriage, family, and anything else that came to mind.

The following are recordings of Doc Montandon singing a cappella as per his love of singing religious songs and hymns. Doc loved to sing. He had a strong tenor voice and was not shy about bursting into a favorite hymn just about anywhere, anytime. His mother taught him to read music, encouraging him to hone his singing skills. This was so he could lead singing in the a cappella style gospel music of the Church of Christ. In his early twenties, he was a member of the Brazos Valley Bullfrogs (Doc is pictured third from the left), a quartet that traveled around north Texas, singing at various events and on the radio. Singing was a significant part of his life. It was his connection to the Holy Spirit. (See Chapter 3, "The Rhineland Years", of John Montandon's By His Own Blood.)

(each audio clip can take a few moments to load)


1. I Know That My Redeemer Lives
2. A Soul Winner For Jesus
3. Workers Today
4. Angels are Singing
5. The Heart Will Reap
6. Scatter Love
  7. The Old Story
8. Halleluiah, Praise Jehovah
9. My Name
10. Precious Memories
11. Jesus is Coming
12. Ten Thousand Angels

Doc's Stories

1. Doc Montandon's initial trust in local hospital, clinics, doctors and nurses.
2. Doc thinks his surgery was not necessary and people in which he has put his trust have taken advantage of him.
3. Doc recalls the house fire where the family lost almost all possessions.
4. Doc talks about a tornado that hit the farm.
5. Doc talks about a friend of whom doctors took advantage.
6. Doc and Mary Lee Montandon talking about the weather.
7. Doc tells a funny story about Johnnie and horse dumplings.
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